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Cut Energetic Cords of Attachment

  • 10 minutes
  • 11.11 US dollars
  • Chez le client

Description du service

Every person that enters our lives connects to us via an energetic cord. When people exit our lives, they are still connected to us energetically. If their was a negative connection to them, you can still be getting hurt until you free yourself from the cord that is connecting the 2 of you. This includes ex-lovers, old toxic jobs, negative friends and family, and sometimes people we meet briefly but had a strong negative interaction with that left a blueprint in our lives. As a Shaman & Energy Healer, I will "cut" the cord that connects you with the other person. Therefore, freeing you from any negative energy that they may still be having an effect on your life (with or without you consciously knowing it). The cutting of cords is permanent. You will not have to get multiple sessions for the same person.



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