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Reiki is defined as "Universal Life Energy".

It is a healing technique that is used to restore physical and emotional wellness. Reiki channels universal energy naturally through the therapist into the patient by the means of touch. 

Certified Reiki Master


Crystal Energy Healer


Lotus is a natural born energy healer. She intuitively developed her own healing practices over the years, then become certified as a Reiki Master. 

Lotus works intuitively on healing the areas that you need in addition to any requested areas. Healing sessions include a combination of Traditional Reiki, Healing Crystals, and Channeled Healing modalities individualized & tailored for the specific client.


Lotus offers 30 minute Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions & 1 Hour Intensive Shamanic Healing Sessions. She now offers Distance Healing Sessions; meaning you can be anywhere in the world to schedule an appointment and she will energetically work on you from her office. 

All Sessions are scheduled on Pacific Standard Time.

For Distance Sessions: You must be able to lay down in a quiet space undisturbed for the entirety of the session. Calming meditation music and/or burning candles are allowed during your session. When the session is over you will be sent a personal transcript on your session. 

In Person Sessions are located at her office in

North Hollywood, California.

**Mobile Reiki Sessions are available for those in the Los Angeles Metro area on a special basis for a fee

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