***Completely handcrafted with Authentic Crystals and Divine Love***
Sodalite Protection Bracelet 
Crafted With:
Sodalite Crystals
~Assist in developing your intuition & psychic abilities
~Guide you along your spiritual journey with deeper understanding
~Ignites the creativity inside of you
~Helps you during meditation
~Increases healthy communication skills
~Self Esteem Booster
~~Zodiacs ~ Sagittarius 
~~Chakras ~ Throat/5th Chakra
Clear Quartz Crystals 
~Holds extremely high vibration 
~Amplifies Everything 
~Enhances Meditation
~Increases the impact of affirmations and positive prayers 
~Powerful tool for Crystal healing
~Connects strongly to higher realms
~Chakras ~ 3rd Eye/6th Chakra & Crown/7th Chakra
Blue Lava Crystals
~Holds the energy of the volcano it erupted from
~Contains all 4 elements 
~Powerful healing energy
~Increases energy and endurance 
~Relieves depression
~Fertility aid
Pyrite Crystals
~Boosts Immagination & Creative Abilities 
~Increases Strength & Will Power
~Reduces Bad Habits
~Aids those with Asthma, Bronchitis, & lung related issues by reducing inflammation
~Brings Good Luck & Fortune to Businesses
~Enhances Mental Clarity
~Keeps you grounded
~~Chakra ~ Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra
~~Birthstone ~ Leo
~Healing energy
~From my heart to yours

Sodalite ~ Protection ~ Bracelet